Mothers day

By the way belated happy mothers day in all europe. Congrats to all mothers in Norway. Well in philippines not the same.

This it’s a holiday of my lovely Reidun Marie, it’s late upload. Anyway here it is they had wonderful holiday of their families. Well updated of Reidun Marie of her cancer it’s allright still stable . She is fighter no matter what it takes she their for the people. She their for helping others, she is amazing I could believe that’s the thruth of here.

Well for me I’m still in  philippines, cebu city. I’m here having treatment now and then so mostly I’m relaxing so fabulous help around the clock. I couldn’t asked for more I’m more than satisfeid for everything. I’m loving it but one thing I miss the most is my husband and Christian. I couldn’t help it eventhough  I try  to be stronger sometimes I cry if I cry they cry  all of is a shit they told me.

It’s family bonding

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