Dalsruten in sandnes

Today it’s terrible day everything it’s nightmare. The post office was closed because it’s holiday in the middle of the week. I’m not getting used to it so forstrated and I got terrible headache. I thought this month it’s fantastic but I’m wrong it’s disaster. I have been treatment and also my mother. My brother William is always my driver, werlyn and samantha it’s helped me and my mother.

Last week my husband, sister and Anne Margrethe has been in dalsruten sandnes. It’s been incredible wonderful view and where lucky it’s so good weather.

My honey Ingve

Levy and Anne Margrethe it’s so beautiful view.



Yesterday it’s a festival in our place. So we’re going to watch the show motorcicyle. It just like racing and jumping and it’s scary one someone got injured. But not so deeply injured and small damage. It’s started so early it’s scary to watch and we have some fun. For the reason I’m silling ice candy , ice water and hot cake for my business and I’m loving it.

I’m a little bit exhausted but it’s worthed. I’m trying to earned som money not only spending it. To spend the money too easy specially your defending someone and everytime you ask always there and after all you become trushcan. I have one of them I dont like to mension the name even to bought a candy for to be thankful what I did. I felt sick of my stomach and hate all of them.

Well beside everything I have to fucos one thing just me nobody else. I’m just thinking for my seek my causing wrong people that’s I did regreat. Now just learned my leason not doing the same mistake. I’m still proceed my treatment twice a week it’s tuesday and friday.


The people was climing to tree so they could watch properly hehehehe




Yesterday it  was my treatment and my mother with us. She go back for treatment because of her knee, she said so very painful. She have pain because she too old and so she wish dont have anymore pain. So very weird because as long as l rememberd. My grandmother too did have knee problem. It’s a heritage and it’s just wait whats next for me. Well my husband side so very strong heritage..

Well as for me I’m very satisfeid. I have been shopping to the market we bought for daily needs. So it’s having we brought us our foods to save some more money hehehehe. That’s the way not always going to restaurant to ate that’s I save some money. It’s so very expensive everything I dont know if I could survive so longer if I stay much longer.

Today it’s rainy not much just a little bit but almost all day.. I just relax and calm enjoy the moment while I can. I dont have any plan for the day and I just wait and see what my day bring.

It’s my parent in law it’s good heritage



Big galon

Yesterday it’s my treatment in the city. It’s so fun my mother was with us, samantha, werlyn, my brother William and kid my neighborhood. We bought some water it’s a big galon for drinking water. So it’s time having meal and we just using drive thru in jollebee.

So werlyn driving with  motorcicyle to picked some water and samantha riding back. She holded the galon of water. That’s the way we have here in the philippines. I wish I’m gonna be wealthy so I could build something for them. That’s why that’s my planned is to build something and I have save some more money to fulfill the rest.

This day was it’s sunshine and still so hot and extra hot. The easter coming soon that’s the reason why. For a moment I dont have any plan for the day. I just wait and see what my day brings to heaven hehehehe. Yes I got massage from werlyn I felt I’m in heaven she was so pretty good .


This is we have big galon of water, we used to drink.



My orchide under the mango tree

This my breifing for march and is my highlight. During my birthday was inreadible surprised of my husband and sister. I I’m trying to negotiation but not succeeded. Sometimes I do felt so unbelievable lucky that so many people loved me and I’m very thankful all the lovely greetings due to my birthday.

Well my treatment still going on have new type of treatment. I’m hoping for this time the best . My mother made me pissed off mostly all the time. She wanted to sleep every time she dont allowed while I’m here in the house. Because sleep everytime not solving the problem if you having sleep everytime you’re more sicker and sicker. That’s why as long as I’m here in beside her, she not allowed going just that. I have to strenght with her because I saw the best result no matter if she angry with me and I dont care at all because hospital it’s too expensive.

Today it’s a new month, new day, new week and new apportunity. I’m looking forward for this month it’s the best result. I’m hoping of my package gonna came and also the letter my husband sending to me. Everything take iternity to wait I’m just keep waiting. It’s sunny day and wonderful.

This is very special orchide under the mango tree.



I did found new treatment and I’m hoping for the best treatment if God willing to help me. Yesterday it’s been exhausted but I did survived no retreat and no surender. I just keep fighting until the end of my life. Sometimes I did felt so fantastic.

We went to the city for shopping for grocery and also my treatment. It’s so expensive everything specially foods and I just keep wonder why they will survived for me it’s so hard. It’s more expensive in Norway the kilo and it’s everything. Not only conparing the value of our money but her in philippines it’s very expensive I have couldn’t believe it. I’m experience everything eventhough I’m so very careful about money.

Today not so special we just cleaning if the snake hiding under my bed. We just find the baby snake and we just keep searching eventhough we clean the intire house. Hehehehe it’s scary things one thing I hate the most it’s a fucking snake and now I’m facing it. But we couldn’t find the mother of a snake I dont know maybe just leave behind just go hehehehe.


This baby snake  huhuhuhu

This is my brother in law Ole get well soon. He got visitors his awesome grandson Eilev, Ragnhild and of couse Reidun Marie.



Guava fruits

Yesterday was raining always a day just a little bit. But anyway it’s helped so much for the it’s crisis of water. I’m not feelling so good, my head so terrible and I dont know why. It’s was been a long time I did have headache. I’m trying to get some sleep and it helps a lots.

The childrens of Werlyn is here with us. The father of them is in the town doing something to earned some money just habal habal riding with motorcicyle. He have passenger riding with him it’s just the way it is earning some money.

Today I have detox so it helping me everything. It’s cleaning thru my nerves changing the color of water.. It just fasinating to watch which color could be hehehehe. It’s most unique way to fullfill what the next it’s turn yellow it’s means at my illness it’s my muscle and join point part. It’s seems it was so good and I’m just trying who knows maybe could help.

This my fruit in the garden it’s guava , if I have to eat just pick it up and so my dessert just awesome.

This is Guava tree fruits.




Yesterday was extra ordinary one of children of Werlyn was graduation of kindergarten. She lead her classmate and she carry the flag it’s a unique way and special. I do felt proud too being around  them. It’s first one of the school and others this week too. So finally the school ended it’s a summer time in philippines.

 Sheina daughter of Werlyn is youngest.

Well for me I did start new treatment to the city in down town. I be there tuesday and friday is my schedule just like today. It’s pretty good to try something else  I’m hoping could help my treatment it’s so early to notice or verified. But the other it was helping but I need much more help. For my body and soul I need the best treatment.

This  ice cream I desirved after my treatment.

So in the city it’s so much traffic and the air it’s polluted and much more better in the provence.  It’s  always have fresh air it’s wonderful to breath.

El ninyo

It’s already goned the weekend time goes so fast. My weekend just calm and relax stay inside the house because it’s el ninyo it’s hard to find water. The river was empty of water because without properly rain. The farmers struggling without water mostly the plantes is dead. The farmers need helps from the goverment for calamity fans so the farmers will survived.

My plants survive someone taking good care, specially mostly my orchide the take extra good care. That’s my biggest priorety  to save them all. It’s so hot going out much better under the shadow . But even it’s hot outside but I never used airconditioner. The house just like aircon if you open the windows just fined it’s windy and so fantastic.

I miss our house to be there, I just felt it’s empty very weird I miss philippines and now I’m here. I miss Norway. our neighborhood it’s gonna build a new houses at the back not only one but it’s three houses. When the time I will arrived in norway maybe it’s already finished. Happy weekend to every one. It’s good I did have still contact to Reidun Marie, Marit and Ragnhild beside my husband, sister and Andrea.





New curtains

Yesterday this we made just like dunot with semilar. I enjoy a lot and we have some fun. So everybody was having good moment eating specially the childrens. I did some treatment by ourself doing detox  Werlyn was helping with include my mother.

Today we clean the windows and put a new curtains. So fantastic having cleaned and everything it’s wonderful. Werlyn is doing it with a little help with Terei. She daughter of my nephew and her mother desiree is my chief cook. Everything it’s so completely perfect. My mother is starting doing sewing machine to fix the curtains.

Well the beside me I have unbelievable neighborhood, she always brought something to us fruit and vegetables. She always did for my mother before and now helping for her. That’s the best moment I did experience while I’m here.