Helpless life

It’s a new day, new week and new apportunity. I’m just worry about my honey Ingve not felling well, he got a flow and get well soon. I hope that everything it’s allright.

Well for me so far so fantastic. I just stay home and commanding what they shall do. I couldn’t believe it I’m already stay here in philippines  it’s one month and just felt it’s quite too long. Hehehehe if not  norway not so far away from philippines it’s good to travel more often. That’s most unique way even I’m wealthy have own private airplane it take iternity to came home.

I’m  still have massage treatment and exercise sound amazing and it’s amazing.. I wish I could keep one of them to go back home that  most amazing happen to my fucking helpless life. By the way belated happy Valentines day to all. What a day without my Valentine but eventhough I’m just sending mesesages to let him I’m thinking of him. First of all I do miss him and love him and I know the house so empty without me. For this time his alone with our dog and it’s good he could relax properly. That’s the best medicine for him like a holiday at home.

So this is my neice Andrea and  she got internship at the hospital.

Here Andrea my Princess good job.


Christian 25th birthday

This day it’s Christian 25th birthday. I’m wishing him the best birthday ever. Happy, happy birthday Christian eventhough I’m not their at home. I’m thinking of you everytime specially the day of your birthday.

Here in the philippines I’m going to celebrate your birthday just a little bit. So I bought cake and have extra food I have to celebrating your birthday have party.  Because I love and care for you eventhough you angry with me. I have to going home that’s my choice I hope you respect that.

Well for me I’m so extremly happy being here specially this day. This day it’s unforgetable, they here my sister julieta, others we have dinner. It’s family bonding but not  everybody mostly of them we have to too many but  this time all my treat.


This a little foods and cake to celebrate his birthday.


Hello everybody, this my second detox. The clean water is changing into others color it’s so fasinating. I hope it’s gonna work but no harm for trying as long it’s helped I’m just trying. Hoping for the best result , with include my mother also brother William and werlyn almost everybody was trying.

I’m very eager which one of us it’s feel fantastic hehehehe. I’m looking forward for next treatment. So I’m trying to fixed werlyn  paper to get tourist visa to Norway . So she could join me to travel hopefully she could pass and approbe everything.

My planned was to dig water but no was changing because I have to pay her ticket once if everything it’s allright. So the others have to pateince because I couldn’t helped all of them I wish I could win the lottery but I’m always lost.

This is my second detox



Mothers day

By the way belated happy mothers day in all europe. Congrats to all mothers in Norway. Well in philippines not the same.

This it’s a holiday of my lovely Reidun Marie, it’s late upload. Anyway here it is they had wonderful holiday of their families. Well updated of Reidun Marie of her cancer it’s allright still stable . She is fighter no matter what it takes she their for the people. She their for helping others, she is amazing I could believe that’s the thruth of here.

Well for me I’m still in  philippines, cebu city. I’m here having treatment now and then so mostly I’m relaxing so fabulous help around the clock. I couldn’t asked for more I’m more than satisfeid for everything. I’m loving it but one thing I miss the most is my husband and Christian. I couldn’t help it eventhough  I try  to be stronger sometimes I cry if I cry they cry  all of is a shit they told me.

It’s family bonding

Time break

Yesterday evening was raining it’s fantastic. Now it’s sunshine it’s pretty good temperature. My treatment it’s a time break for three days. It’s time for me have extra moment just for my mother. I’m hoping I’m hoping no more visitors it’s too much. But anyway it’s hilarious everytime so much to shared with me.

I did chated with Ragnhild, my sister of my honey Ingve. I have updated everyday it’s so fantastic kowing everything was allright. Well Christian I hope he is fined because his quite busy the other things, beside school it’s fantastic his home with his father.

Today birthday for youngest of my brother William his son it’s William junior . I’m wishing happy birthday, Eventhough it’s quite struggle for me I’m his god mother it’s hard. Sometimes he dont listen but Im never give up and i just saying harder and harder . Until his performance become good.

Her it’s the lovely picture from Ragnhild ,Andrea,  Anne Margrethe  and Eilev. It’s so fasinating to them having fun.

Her they’re so lovely awesome and relaxing watching television.



So it’s my snack, it’s a young coconut it’s so sweet. I’m always eat this kind of fruit one it’s my favorite. This is vegetables and we cook with coconut milk and sugar. It’s been a while I  never eat like this. So fantastic being in my second home. I could eat what ever I want  to eat.

Yesterday I got so many visitors, they brought to me flower for advance Valentines day. Also vegetables different kind of, but I’m not allow to pay because it’s a gift for me. I’m really touch sometimes I got tears drops. They really care and love of me sometimes I dont diserve their love because it’s too much . I would like to pay because they are poor but my money it’s not worthed even it’s poor. That’s was amazing and many times I got a  big shocked their love so unconditionly .

My mother she help too, samantha my neice so pretty good for helping my she so strong. I’m boast her I’m really I’m impress she just 15 years old and also me she take good care of me too. She go to school before and after and helped weak up during in the night.

This casava cook with coconut and sugar.



It’s a sunny day and it’s so lovely. It’s around 25  degree so fantastic not so hot just a little bit cold. During in the evening. Mostly the all the people it’s freezing the wearing jumper and jacket it’s too cold for them.

So far so increadible fantastic. I couldn’t as for more it’s huges medicine for me for my health everything. Once if I want to be alone I just say it could do other things just keep quite hehehehe. That’s the way who I am stretch to the point. I like direct question and answer if you dont like dont come  that’s my world so be it.

I miss my nurses but not all of them. I miss terrible my husband, Christian and the sister in laws, brother in laws, neice and mostly my sister.  Yesterday I chat Reidun Marie it’s fabulous knowing it’s everything it’s allright.

It’s clean water and after 30 min. turned to another color and cleasing the whole body.

It’s a guide line to which one your type of illness. She is the one some helping me most of the time. Werlyn her name and of course my mother.

Church in simala

What a wonderful day, I have treatment for ourself detox. Cleasing the whole body it’s working. I have also massage treatment it’s a homeservice.

We did general cleaning intire house. But we didn’t completed yet only the first floor. Nextime and  hopefully we could finished it. This day nothing special except I was been at the church in simala with my family include my mother. We had so amazing  trip. We stopped and eat and shopped.

It’s nothing to shared with you because I’m just staying home relax. I have a lots of visitors my classmate it’s my neighborhood. They will surprised because I could used my eyes to talked so many people loved to see it. Everybody so fasinating about my eyes, så my neice so glad because I never angry because I couldn’t talked. So I could write my eyes hehehehe they said I still got mad if the done wrong.

My brother tommy and William getting so exhausted to pushed my mother. Jasmin, werlyn my neice and flor wife of my brother tommy.

Inside church it’s werlyn , Merlyn, me and jasmin . Merlyn wife of my brother William. We so many but the others will not at the pictures.


Christian classmate

Time goes so fast imagine Christian already one month in africa. En everything it’s fantastic with his classmate. It’s pretty good having him home for seek of his father.

Well so far I’m incrediable lucky to be here. As far as now I’m here almost three weeks sill satisfied . My treatment still going and it’s free. How wonderful it is so many people love me to iternity. I never expected this moment some others given up because of illness specially ALS. But me as long as I could breath their still hope I just keep fighting until the end of my life.

So I eat all time I’m scared to be fat hehehehe a lots of foods I like. Sometimes I repused to eat that’s huges problem for nobody could force me to eat. I will decide too or not. My mother like to sleep so long but, she not allow to because she high blood presure and she dont have anymore. I’m angry because going to sleep all time it’s not helping for your health.

Christian classmate



Christian his last adventure

Finally Christian his last adventure in africa. His on the way home on sunday. His father is so happy his coming home sooon our house so empty without us. I know it’s so hard for my husband specially his not hundred percent at the top.

Well for me I’m top of the world. I dont know that’s I felt maybe it’s my culture in natural way to helping people no least just I’m boast to my neice werlyn always their for me and saturday and sunday. She have to work as caddy for golf because she earned huges money for two days a lot of tips. I couldn’t afford to pay for her for such amount hehehehe.

I’m salve imployment but I’m  looking the people is good. If you’re not I’m sorry I dont need you if wanted to learn  I’m going to teach you.  Saturday and sunday it’s cheryl is helping me and my brother William is my private driver. I’m always in a best care  just love.

By the way my nurse nurses in norway I miss them but not all. Only closes to my heart for those special.  I guess nobody missing me but I dont mind because I have terrific  moment  here in cebu city philippines.

His lunch and have bicycle trip with his classmates